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May 11, 2017
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Custom Car Decals

custom car decals

Rev Up Your Ride For Summer With Custom Car Decals

Custom Vinyl Designs Has Creative Services, Commitment to Quality


Philadelphia, PA car owners take pride in their rides. Want to add style, grab the attention whether driving or parked, or make an impression on someone? Consider custom car decals or auto pinstripes. You’ll change the look of your car or truck and raise eyebrows when you work with Custom Vinyl Designs for all your custom car decals.

Express Your Personality

Custom car decals help you make a statement. Whether it’s a bold color combination, playing homage to a favorite band or movie, showing off your lifestyle or telling everyone who you are, custom auto decals can create help you share with the world what you’re all about.

A New Look

Are you tired of the look for your wheels? Adding in auto pinstripes, custom graphics or new highlights can give your car a new visual presence. It’s amazing how much difference a few custom vinyl graphics can make to create a new look.

Your Design

When you work with Custom Vinyl Designs, you can create your own custom graphics. Our trained design staff can help you pick out the style, colors, shapes and designs that help you express your vision.

Business Benefits

If you’re a Philadelphia, PA area business owner, custom vinyl car graphics are a great way to get your message out. Custom graphics do many things, including:

  • Expanding your reach. With custom graphics, thousands of potential customers see your car every day, often in areas where your reach does not extend. Even when you’re working or at home, your car will stand out.
  • Cost effective. Compared to radio and television ads, internet ads or billboard, custom car graphics are an effective way to stretch your advertising budget dollars.
  • Build your brand. With car graphics, your professional brand grows, showing off the work your company does, how it can be reached and where you work.

Different Styles

Custom Vinyl Designs offers a range of car decal services.

  • Sport stripes. These bold stripes come in many different sizes and are usually applied in a complementary color to your car’s base color. Sport stripes can be placed anywhere on your car. Typically, they are placed on the center or edges of the car’s hood or trunk. They can also be placed on the roof and front or back grills. Other car owners choose to put sport stripes on the side, on one or both doors.
  • Moldings. These smaller, subtler stripes help protect your car from dings and scratches. A molding places a decorative and protective cover over your car’s paint. Like all our decals, the moldings and stripes can be customized for your make and model.
  • Wraps. These are large vinyl decals or graphics that are applied over your vehicle’s original paint. The wrap allows for a dramatic transformation of the vehicle, the display of many different graphics, logos, words and information and come in many colors.

Let Custom Vinyl Designs help you find the ideal custom car decals for your car this summer.

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