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Boat Lettering Jefferson NJ

boat lettering Jefferson NJ

5 Tips for Getting Summer Boat Lettering Ready

Custom Vinyl Designs Helps With Creative Solutions for Boat Lettering, Decals


As the weather warms, it’s time to start thinking about getting yourself …. and your boat … out of drydock. It’s also the time to think about all the important preparation work to your boat out on the water. At Custom Vinyl Designs, we help Jefferson, NJ, boat owners get ready for boating season. Now is the time to make sure your boat is prepared, seaworthy, and accurately identified. With custom boat lettering and boat decals in Jefferson NJ, we’ll have your boat looking great. And if you want custom decals for boats, we’ll help you create the most stylish ship on the seas.

Here are 5 tips for getting your boat ready for summer fun.

  1. Inspect What’s There

If you’ve got existing boat lettering or boat decals, now is the time to inspect them to make sure they are clean, undamaged and in good working order. If not, now is the time to plan for new decals, including your boat name, hailing port and registration numbers. If you are repainting or refinishing your boat in anticipation of the summer season, think about new decals that match.

  1. Know The U.S. Coast Guard Regulations

The U.S. Coast Guard stipulates that boats must be identified as either a state registered vehicle or a federally documented vehicle, but not both. If you choose to register your boat as a federal vessel, state registration numbers and letters need to be removed.

Here are some other important regulations to know:

  • Characters must be at least 3 inches tall for state registered boats and 4 inches for federally registered boats.
  • Lettering must be a contrasting color to the boat.
  • Federally registered boat names cannot exceed 33 characters on the back
  • Registration numbers need to be permanently attached on the forward half of the hull.
  1. Think About Boat Striping and Decals

Striping is available in many colors and widths. Multiple stripes encircling your boat create an eye-opening look whether you’re in dock on out on the waterways.

You’re also not limited to words and numbers and stripes. Custom decals for boats from Custom Vinyl Designs give your boat the personalization you want that help establish your style, sense of humor and individualism.

  1. Get Creative

At Custom Vinyl Designs, we can help create beautiful, multicolored designs that incorporate your boat’s name, home port and graphics in one elegant package. Once you’ve designed and approved your boat graphics, we will work with you to make sure they are installed correctly. We also provide Jefferson, NJ, boat owners with guidelines for maintaining your boat graphics for many years.

  1. Find a Great Partner

We know you’re not a graphic designer, but we are! Let us be your partner in creating the boat graphics that you will love every day you’re enjoying your boat.

At Custom Vinyl Designs, we have more than 30 years of experience with vehicle graphics and signage as well as boat lettering in Jefferson NJ. We are fully licensed and are not done until you are 100 percent satisfied.

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